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    Your One-stop Solution Hub

    Looking every nook and cranny for your needs? Look no more!
    Keisha Marine is your one-stop hub to a broad array of vessel supplies, ranging from safety equipment to pyrotechnics, and fire extinguishers to navigational devices. You name it.
    With decades of experience shaping the landscape of the industry, we pride ourselves to create an integrated brand name for your business needs.


    Keisha Marine is one of the leading marine safety equipment suppliers in Malaysia. Keisha Marine offers comprehensive marine safety equipment such as life jackets, life raft and inflatable boats. We have years of experience in supplying marine safety equipment and marine products. We are committed to provide quality marine safety equipment at competitive price.

    Safety Equipment

    We offer hardware items such as silicon gun, grease gun and serving mallet hammer that is ideal for any industrial professional users. For many years we have been developing and distributing superior hardware products for the industrial and marine markets.

    Hardware Items

    Shop a variety of quality marine electrical equipment from our vast collections. We offer a wide range of electrical equipment of high quality at competitive prices. This electrical equipment includes navigation lights & fixtures as well as sockets & switches for marine and offshore applications. This electrical equipment is fully compliance with the safety standards.

    Electrical Equipment

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